Introducing SaaS: software as a service

There’s one worry that comes with new technology in restaurants… costs.

And for owners that means one other thing… less profit.

While you want your restaurant to grow with the latest tech innovations, you also have to put food on your own family’s table.

So teetering on the fence of installing new tech makes sense. You don’t want to dump money into a service that may… or may not help your restaurant.

Fortunately, the uprising of SaaS technology makes innovation affordable again for restaurants. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get started.

Are you considering making the switch to better technology in your restaurant? See how the latest restaurant SaaS tech will help you prosper, at a fraction of the cost than what you’re running now.

Restaurant SaaS Costs Less Than The Bloody Old POS

Can you believe it? … Probably not.

Cloud-based software is not only more efficient but requires less initial investment than traditional POS systems.

After buying the hardware… and the software, and having the IT guy set up and train staff, you’re already a couple of grand down the drain.

SaaS tech normally involves a tablet purchase and an inexpensive subscription to functional software. Making your POS easier and cheaper to maintain than before.

Tayble works directly by showing your digital menu and Table QR Ordering. All you pay is a monthly subscription fee.

Seamless, simple, and costs next to nothing while keeping your restaurant up to date on the latest tech innovations.

Easily Access Your Restaurant’s “Big Data”

Let’s be honest. We’re all not tech-saavy people around here. Especially the old-school chef who’s still rocking the iPhone 6 and does inventory by hand.

You think I’m kidding. But I’ve seriously worked with chefs who were still stuck in days past.
Imagine how much faster inventory would be when you can plug in the numbers on an iPad?

And that’s exactly what we did a few months into my management role at a Portland-based restaurant.

Picked up two iPads- one for FOH, one for BOH. Bought software that managed the numbers for us. And what do you know, gone were the days of late-night inventory followed by later nights at the dive bar down the block?

Now we could go have a pint, and go home at a normal hour like normal people. Anyway…

Cloud-based SaaS gives restaurant owners the opportunity to access their own “big data” and make better business decisions, economically.

Use your own data to discover what dishes sell, or don’t sell. Manage inventory with precision. Analyze your labor costs.

It seems like you probably don’t need to hire an overpriced consultant to do it for you after all.

Create Frictionless Guest Experiences

If there’s one thing millennials hate, it’s friction. The new wave of foodies doesn’t want to be burdened by an experience that can be fixed by a simple piece of technology.

And if there’s one thing we all know burdens diners, it’s the dreaded waiting to order food.

Your servers hate running around tables to collect orders more than just about anything else. Diners hate the inconvenience of waiting to order food.

Imagine a solution like Tayble that offers a digital menu and touchless ordering. Eliminating any friction throughout the restaurant experience, and hence making you the coolest restaurant in town.

Well, we can’t promise you’ll be cooler. But by using Tayble in your venue, we can promise you a seamless contactless dining experience that everyone will seriously love.

Talk about some much-needed innovation.

Expands Reach Into New Markets

restaurant SaaS

Third-party delivery apps deliver some serious restaurant SaaS that makes innovation affordable for restaurants. Why?

Because you don’t have to do anything different than what you’re already doing.

People want to enjoy your food in the comfort of their own home. And players like MenuLog and Deliveroo make that happen with little cost to restaurant owners.

There’s no extra staff needed. Also no hidden fees. Just keep making food the way you do and have a service deliver it to the hungry home diner efficiently.

Can you taste all that innovation already?

More Revenue, More Innovation

It takes money to innovate.

You don’t think SpaceX is getting to Mars without billions of invested research dollars, yea?

Yet SaaS tech like Tayble increases consumer spending. Why?

Because the “pain of purchase” is minimal when no one is swiping plastic. Increasing impulse buys and susception to upsells. As a result, you get extra profits in your books.

What would you rather do with more money for your restaurant? Could bring in local ingredients? Better quality meats?

Final Thoughts on Restaurant SaaS

In conclusion, restaurant SaaS is no flash in the pan. According to Forbes, “as a service” technologies will supersede platform-based services and infrastructure by 2018.

Whether you’re a big corporate restaurant or mom-and-pop spot, restaurant SaaS tech is coming to you at one point or another.

Don’t fear the invasion. If anything… embrace it. For the rise of “as a service” technology makes innovation affordable for restaurants once again and therefore, you can become a part of the movement today.