There’s no better feeling than filling up on food at a good Italian restaurant. Where Nonna whips up the finest antipasti and risotto. Followed by a decadent beef secondi and mouth-watering sweets. Only to cap it off with some firewater, a.k.a. Grappa.

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re dining at the casual Friggitoria in Potts Point or high-end Lumi Bar & Dining, wholesome Italian food and wine is easily the best meal in the books.

Now we don’t know what the nostalgic secret is to rustic Italian cooking is. But we do know there’s growing trends for any popular Italian restaurant right here in Sydney. From low-key, casual atmospheres to handmade pastas, here’s what’s driving the success behind Sydney’s Italian restaurant scene.

Low-Key, Rustic Feel

italian restaurant

People are moving towards a more homey, casual feel versus fine dining fancy. People want to relax, drink good wine and enjoy wholesome Italian food in a comfortable environment.

But don’t ditch the starch white linen for red checkerboards just yet! Rustic is definitely the best fit out for the Italian restaurant trends in Sydney. Fine dining is more an attitude than a place setting.

Joints like Sagra are taking the lead on the low-key, rustic environment (as well as amazing food). This makes it feel like you popped into a Roman trattoria for the world’s best carbonara. It’s okay to market your menu on an giant chalkboard. Nonna is more than welcome to leave her pasta station to greet the public.

Sydneysiders aren’t looking for a fine dining Italian restaurant every meal. They want:

  • Cool
  • Casual
  • Community feel.

Good Wine for a Good Dine

italian restaurant

Is wine truly the essence of life?

Of course it is.

And Italians arguably do wine better than their French rivals (yes, we said it). Every successful Italian restaurant in Sydney must offer a solid array of Italian-led complementing wines whilst incorporating a few locals for good measure.

According to Destination NSW, natural wine bars are the next big Italian food trend in Sydney. Italian breed 121BC, 10 William Street and the trendy Tilly Devine all offer extensive wine lists. Since they offer biodynamics, homemades and classic Italians, they can probably please the pickiest of diners.

The Best Italian Restaurant: Fresh, Authentic, Simple

The rise in consumer awareness for minimal ingredients, maximum flavour easily translates to Italian cooking. In fact, this is on par with 2017 hospitality trends.

However, it’s more than just using fresh pasta. Italian restaurants in Sydney are resorting to the “farm-to-table” approach. New crowds are adorned by seasonal contorni, local meats and sustainable, domestic/Italian wines.

Handmade Pasta is Back, Baby!

italian restaurant

Finally, handmade pasta is kneading its way into Italian restaurants throughout Sydney. Although the traditional places were already doing this, there’s no denying fresh pasta is seriously delicious.

Open kitchens are especially great for handmade pasta stations. Guests can gaze upon the secret workings of pasta making, a truly memorable experience for those who don’t cook Italian. Get Nonna on the payroll. Put on a show for guests while they await a delicious home cooked meal.

Side note: Homemade pasta can turn more profit. Most people usually don’t make their own pasta (or ever if you’re like myself).

So what can you do?

Sell your homemade pasta to hungry diners! Now they can share the culinary magic with their friends and family at home!


Guests want to come to an Italian restaurant for a wholesome meal and especially a memorable experience. Join the Italian restaurant trends in Sydney offering a superior wine list, using fresh ingredients and making homemade pasta. Set a relaxed, communal atmosphere and hence share some real Italian culture with hungry Sydneysiders.