When the government decides to lift the “lock-down”, there will be certain measures that your venue may need to take to continue protecting your customers from COVID-19. The use of a digital menu and touchless ordering will be encouraged. The traditional form of paper-based menu ordering and cash handling will be limited. Venues that adopt “touchless ordering” will be favoured for re-opening to allow customers to enjoy a SAFE dining experience.

By enabling Tayble at your venue, your customers will be able to order food and drinks from their table without the need for a menu or wait staff. They simply download the Tayble app onto their phone, view the menu, order their food and drinks, and pay for the bill, all from the comfort of their own tayble. They don’t even have to queue up. When their food is ready, your staff can take it to their table or if your venue offers pickup points, their phone will get a notification letting them know their food is ready. No more annoying buzzers, further reducing contacts that could spread the nasty Coronavirus!

Your customers can also order ahead on the Tayble app from their home and they will get a notification on their phone when their order is ready for pickup. Perfect for your regular take-away customers. It free your phone line up for more important calls.

Touchless dining is the way of the future, and it helps limit the spread of Corona even after the lock-down is lifted.

Tayble can help you prepare for Post-COVID19.


Tayble is a platform that allows customers to order food and drinks from their “tayble” at their favourite restaurants, bars and cafes.

We allow hungry people to order food and drinks on their smartphone either at their table while dining-in or Order Ahead for pick-ups and take-aways.

This offer customers the ability to customise their orders the way they like it while freeing up your staff time to focus on value-add customer service. Your customers can also place repeat orders without having to grab your waiters’ attention, especially those additional rounds of drinks or that signature must-have dessert. Your customers no longer need to wave for a waiter to order more food. Ordering more food shouldn’t be complicated. The easier it is, the more money in your till.

For a small monthly fee ($99/m), you can offer Tayble Ordering to your customers today, giving them the flexibility to add on more food and repeat drinks at their fingertips.

Don’t want to pay $99/m? Sure, we can understand times are tough…

1. When you become a partner venue with Tayble, we turn your paper base menu into a digital menu and make it available on your customer’s phone via our Tayble Ordering platform. 

2. Your customers can then order food and drinks (repeatedly) on their smartphone without waiting for a waiter to bring them a menu. Since payments are also processed on the platform, your customers won’t even have to wait for the bill. They just get up and leave.

3. You can offer specials and control the price of your menu in real-time using our partner portal. Adding new items to your menu is a breeze or removing something that isn’t available on the day.

4. Here’s the FUN part. We train and work with your staff to educate your customers on how to order food and drinks using Tayble. Once your venue exceeds 100 orders per month, we will waive your fee for that month. Yes, that’s right! Tayble can be completely FREE for you as well as your customers. At TAYBLE we believe in a SHARE-WIN model. We’re only happy if you and your customers are happy. 

Tayble Cash

Attract new customers by rewarding them with Tayble Cash.

  • Select your Tayble Cash reward. Minimum 10% – Maximum 25%
  • Customers receive Tayble Cash to use on their next order
  • You get a new customer and the opportunity to create loyal ones


Your customers go into your venue, sit down at a table, pull out their phone, view the menu and start ordering their meal. Once they complete their order, they pay for their meal on their smartphone and the order is sent to an “order receiver” that sits at your back counter. Your kitchen then prepares the food and your waiter delivers it to their table with a smile. Once the customer finishes dining, they simply get up and leave, and the payment is transferred to your business account. Simple right? 

No more buzzers!

Buzzer system can be a costly setup and takes up a lot of space behind your counter. Post-COVID, your customers will be wary of touching anything that’s been handled by others. With Tayble, your customer order and pay on their phone, and if your venue doesn’t offer table service, their phone will get a notification instead to let them know their food is ready for pickup. Seriously no more buzzers, saving you more money.

NOTE: Tayble orders are up to 30% bigger because customers can order more food and drinks easily without having to wave down a wait staff.

order ahead for pickup and Takeaway

More orders without missing a phone call!

Your customers can also order-ahead, prior to getting to your restaurant for pickup. This saves your customers calling up to order Take Away over the phone as sometimes your staff are so busy, you could easily miss a call for a big takeaway order.

Get customers new and old ordering with Tayble every day. Not only will you receive the orders faster, Tayble orders are +30% larger.

Tayble drives incremental revenue and additional, larger orders. Whether you’re on Tayble or not, as a restaurant owner you’re paying fixed costs – rent, utilities, labour, etc. But you can always make more food and even less food waste. You have greater margin on Tayble, as only food cost and our percentage are factored.

Without Tayble

Monthly Revenue $30,000
Fixed Expenses -$12,000
Fixed Expenses
Labour Costs
Food Costs (40%) -$12,000
Raw Materials
Miscellaneous (10%) -$3,000
Raw Materials

With Tayble

Monthly Revenue $30,000
Fixed Expenses -$12,000
Fixed Expenses
Labour Costs
Food Costs (40%) -$12,000
Raw Materials
Miscellaneous (10%) -$3,000
Raw Materials
Tayble Orders $6,000
Food Costs (40%) -$2,400
Tayble FEE  -$99
Rewards – Tayble Cash (25%) -$1,500
Profit without Tayble (10%) $3,000
Total Profit (16.7%) $5,001

*Profitability breakdown is displayed for demonstration purposes only, each venue’s actual profitability breakdown may differ.

Wrap It Up

More orders

Tayble provides you with incremental orders for dine-in & takeaway. Get more out of your fix costs.

More Profit

Tayble orders only factors food cost and Tayble fees, so they are more profitable.


It’s free for your customers to use and allow your staff to focus on more urgent tasks. It’s a WIN-WIN for all.