Customers set the bar for how restaurants operate. If the focus is on affordable dining, restaurants needed to adjust their margins.

When the customer wants health-conscious options, restaurants need to source local, organic produce.

So when customers come to expect instant service, digital ordering is essential.

Restaurants will always accommodate to what the consumers want most. Only forward thinking joints will prosper. Tick for local foods, tick for fair pricing. Now it’s time to focus on the new competitive environment for hospitality. The customer experience.

In fact, the Customers 2020 report by Walker Information predicts that customer experience will be the key brand differentiator by 2020.

Customers want to be treated with respect in your restaurant. And not the false “please” and “thank you” kind… the authentic one.

Mobile ordering allows venues to free up staff time, improve restaurant efficiency and increase customer engagement for an improved customer experience for diners.

Better Efficiency During Service

mobile ordering

Managers are always looking to smoothen out the overall flow of their restaurant. Shorter wait times for tables. Organised staff. Faster ticket times. All of which leads to the best experience for the customer. When your server is stuck manually splitting the bill 6 ways on your POS, how will they provide quality service to other guests?

On busy nights, servers are working multiple orders at a time before entering them into the POS…

The kitchen is calling with a question….

Runners need help figuring out who ordered what…

There’s plenty of room for an order error to be made!

Mobile ordering puts the POS in the customer’s hands, keeping the staff organised and efficient during the hectic nights of service.

Give your guests the freedom to order through Tayble and let your servers focus on what’s important, quality customer interactions.

Frees Up Staff Time

Mobile ordering brings something to servers they’ve never had before, the beauty of time. You think your staff gives good service now? Imagine how flawless service would be if they had a little more spare time during busy service.

Food wouldn’t go cold in the window…

Drinks wouldn’t sit at the service bar until they’re watered down…

Water intuitively refilled…

These situations fluster not only your staff but customers too. Which is why we seek out ways that can minimise these flaws during service.

Optimal Customer Engagement

mobile ordering

Better customer engagement isn’t solely a concept of the future. A study released by Gallup in 2011 stated: “the level of emotional attachment your customers have with your brand — predicts the frequency of patronage and spending.” Customers are conscious of where they spend their money. It’s up to restaurants to give them a reason to come back.

Allow your servers to engage with customers. While they don’t need to go on about how to end world hunger, a genuine interest in their dining experience can go a long way. Warm welcomes. Respectful interactions. Mobile ordering allows servers to go beyond the realms of basic service and into the world of customer care.

Final Thoughts

Customer experience is the new competitive trend for restaurants. Hungry, impatient diners are seeking out places that offer delicious food whilst providing a warm, memorable experience for them and their friends.

By bringing mobile ordering into your venue, you can better improve your restaurant’s efficacy, free up staff time for better service and engage with your customers in an organic and friendly way.