Contactless Dining Experience

Experience the latest menu options, mouth-watering images, accurate pricing, and availability of items, all in a mobile-optimized digital environment.

Your customers can order food and drinks just by selecting food from the interactive menu, without having to flag down a wait staff. As items are added to the same table number, the smart menu will consolidate them for your staff to confirm. Now all your staff need to do is to enter the orders into your POS system and the rest is business as usual. 

Your venue standard payment options are utilized to minimize additional transaction costs to the business. Yes, you can still accept CASH. It’s a game-changer without changing the game.

How to digitise your venue with Tayble?

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Whether your customers are sat at their table, in the beer garden, or even in the queue coming in, they can browse your menu and place their order straight away. This helps to reduce wait times, increases table turnover, and improves customer satisfaction.

No App Needed

Customers use their own smartphones to scan QR code to view the digital menu.

Quick Table Turnover

With everything available on their mobile phone, customers have exactly what they need to order easily.

Increase Sales

Upsells, specials, and discounts get your customers to add more to their order.

Save Time


Our customers are reporting a time-saving of up to 40% in the taking and processing of dine-in-orders.

Digital Menus

Add photos to your menus to help customers make a decision when ordering.

Reduce Labor Costs

You can reduce overheads or dedicate more time to deliver excellent customer service.

My Checkout

The team at Tayble helped my venue with a beautiful interactive digital menu and touchless ordering solution which reduced our overheads during these tough times.

Andrew Zaf

Owner, 80 Bar and Cafe


It’s free for your customers to use. Highly reduces touch points so your customers and staff can remain COVID-19 safe