Sydney, NSW

A New Ordering App is Here

Restaurants are burdened by the waiting game during busy service. Every minute a customer waits too long, a restaurant misses out on a possible sale. Who wouldn’t order dessert if they didn’t have to wait? Or another drink when they were thirsty? Since staff are already moving as fast as they can, there’s little room for improving service without an increase in labour cost.

That’s where new mobile ordering app, Tayble, serves restaurant owners best. From the convenience of diners smartphones, they’re able to browse menus, place orders and fix the bill when they’re ready. This allows:

  • Faster table turnovers
  • Shorter register times
  • Larger orders

At the end of the day, this ultimately lands more profit on the books.

Say Goodbye To Slow Service

Mobile ordering mitigates the “pain of purchase” which occurs when using plastic or cash. Tayble’s beta tests revealed that average table orders increased 28% from using the new restaurant technology. With easy split and bill fix features, diners tend to leave faster, resulting in an average of 33% faster table turnovers.

The apps frees up monotonous service tasks, which therefore allows staff to provide better customer care. Strikingly, they’ve found that servers receive better tips in response to mobile ordering. This suggests that diners do not tip based on how hard servers work, they tip on how good the service is.

“Tayble will change the way we do business as we know it,” explains owner Andrew Zaf of 80’s Bar & Cafe in Ultimo, “We move fast and provide much better service”. 80’s Cafe was first on board for the new Tayble ordering app and has seen favourable results since its deployment.

This efficiency boost therefore benefits not only the staff but your customers’ experience too.

“Our goal was to eliminate the waiting game. It’s 2017! We felt it was the natural progression for technology in restaurants”, CEO Phil Tran stated. “Running a restaurant is expensive, so we wanted to create a product that was budget friendly and easy for owners to welcome into their venues. We want to make the hospitality industry more enjoyable, as well as profitable for owners and servers alike.”

At the same time, your

Interested cafe and restaurant owners should consider jumping on board quick.  Tayble already has 50 pre-registered businesses awaiting the mobile ordering app’s public release in Sydney in late 2017.

For further information contact:

Chris McCarney from Tayble
0422 090 776