Digital menus for QR code ordering

Pubs, restaurants, cafés and bars increase average order value and create labour efficiencies with Tayble

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HERE’s how it works!


Allow your patrons to check in to your venue as part of the COVID-19 Safety plan.

QR Code Digital Menu

Enhance your venue’s customer experience with a QR Code Interactive Digital Menu.

Table Ordering

Order your food and drinks in venue from your table on your smart phone

Why Tayble?

QR Table ordering is the new Hospo Norm. Tayble is your secret sauce to continue creating mouth-wateringly great experiences for each and every customer you serve.

Some of our favorites

Works On Any Device

Customers use their own smartphones to scan QR code to view the digital menu.

Quick Table Turnover

Your menu is in the customer's hands, order at the table and scan a QR code for table service.

Digital Menu

Introduce the drool factor! Add product, menu & location imagery to your offering.

Save Time

Our customers are reporting a time-saving of up to 40% in the taking and processing of dine-in-orders.

Customisable Menu

Would you like gauc with that? Display options to the customer the way they want to order.

Increase Sales

Upsells, specials, and discounts get your customers to add more to their order.

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Your guests scan the QR code on your table to check-in with our free COVID-19 guest register feature before landing on your interactive digital menu.

Free Guest Register