The Sydney food scene has come a long way in a short time. What was once flooded with Asian restaurants and steak, has become a scene of homegrown gastronomic ventures and progressive innovation. While the likings of traditional barbie will never leave us, these 5 cafe trends in Sydney will change the way you see your food.

Crafty Ice Cream Cones

Because what better way to eat your vegan, cronut-layered, matcha-infused Illawarra plum soft serve than in an Instagrammable cone? While that groundbreaking flavour isn’t available yet, because we made it up, crafty cones are certainly a cafe trend for Sydney IGer’s. Search geo-tagged places like Sydney’s Zero Degrees and Aqua S to see the sugary hype yourself.

Upmarket Soft Serve

Froyo’s been on the downtrend for a few years now. Truth be told, it was inevitable. The world realised that the stuff was not as “probiotic” and “healthy” as marketing firms told us they were. And it’s essentially the same thing as our beloved soft serve!

Vegan soft serve, colourful soft serve, flavourful soft serve. Soft serve soft serve. It’s delicious and back with peaceful vengeance as our tastebuds are blessed with the rich and creamy textures of ice creams cousin, soft serve.

Blue Majik Bevs

Rainbow bagels got nothing on the blue majik cafe trend in Sydney this year. Once a bonafide health food, blue algae bevs currently leads the Instagram trend for what’s hot. Topshop in Sydney’s CBD opened up the first Blue Algae Latte Cart serving only #bluealgaelattes.

Feral IGers and Snapchatters enjoy one of two drinks: hot, dusted with blue algae powder or cold, enrobed by a baby blue cloud of perpetual coolness. Clear your feed from tired matcha drinks of days past and make room for these trendy baby blue algae bevs.

Wellness Drinks

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There’s nothing easier than drinking our daily dose of vitamins in a convenient, yet overpriced wellness drink. Which is why elixirs such as Turmeric lattes and the Kale Kraze made such an impact on Sydneysiders as the public becomes more aware of what they put in their bodies.

Haven’t tasted the…deliciousness…of Turmeric lattes quite yet? You’re in for a treat. Swing over to The Copper Mill in Alexandria or Nalini’s Wholesome Streetfood in Bondi to see what the fuss is all about.

Alternative Coffee Presentations

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You may have witnessed the baffling rant of Jamila Rizvi when she was served a deconstructed coffee in Melbourne. Understandable if you were expecting your flat white to arrive in the standard mug.

The beauty of bad publicity is that, it’s publicity. And there were probably a load of highly caffeinated baristas adjusting their horn-rimmed glasses as they fixated upon the alternative presentation.

This undisclosed Melbourne cafe weren’t the first to present coffee in this way. Slate Coffee Roasters of Seattle has been presenting the coffee flight for three years. And they have near 5 stars throughout major online directories.

Will we revert back to the conventional coffee mug? Or embrace innovative cafe trends and present coffee the way it should be presented. The answer: however the heck you want.

Final Words on Cafe Trends

What’s hot in the Sydney food scene changes year-by-year (except for burgers, burgers never die). From the hottest Instagrammable blue beverages to questionable health elixirs, Sydneysiders take kindly to the new waves of gastronomic innovation. Keep an eye out, or scroll your IG feed, for these 5 cafe trends in Sydney right now.