What should Sydney restaurant Instagram pages look like in 2017?

As a restaurant owner, you’re probably always barraged with suggestions from friends and family to “hop on that social media stuff,” with most who suggest it thinking they’re the only one to ever have such a profound insight.

 Instagram is becoming the flagship platform of mobile marketing, especially in the foodie community, but you’re not really sure how to do all.

Do I… just… take photos of the food and say “Uh hey guys… this is edible?”

Even for those who may have tried their hand in the emerging field, finding the right style and following can prove a tricky task.  Moreover, what might work for an upmarket restaurant isn’t always suitable for casual dining or fast food, and that principle certainly applies for social media.

That’s why Tayble is bringing an eclectic mix of eateries to inspire you for our 6 Sydney Restaurant Instagram Pages to Watch in 2017: 

#1: Bar Luca @barlucasydney

How could a list of restaurant social media pages go without Bar Luca? The booming gourmet burger establishment take advantage of their famous ‘Weekly Burgers’, which offer diverse and unusual combinations, in order to create grams that induce active following as fans look to see what the next special offering is.

For any restaurant with special limited-time dishes, look to the folks at BL for inspiration.


#2: Butter @buttersydney

Up next we have the simply-named Butter, equally reputable for its fried chicken and… wait… sneakers!? These guys find dual appeal through food and streetwear-related images because they run an online fashion store alongside their food offerings. This hence allows them to tap into IG’s prominent millennial culture.

One notable example was their recent fashion pop-up with artist EGYBOY. Here, they used contemporary streetwear (which has a big Instagram subculture) as a promotional symbol.

Also, they’re also never shy about big food collabs, recently partnering up with Nespresso to market their new coffee-infused menu and offer free coffee all week:

FREE COFFEE! Now that’s one way to get a lot of the Tayble team on their way to a restaurant.

#3: Chiswick Restaurant @chiswicksydney

Matt Moran’s set of contemporary Australian restaurants carve out a social media presence through the elegance and thematic nature of posts. Chiswick might not have loud, colourful banners for deals or competitions, but they paint a classy, organic image that resonates with their offerings through high-resolution photography containing natural and rustic elements.

Share the love with our Scotch fillet, watercress and garlic shoots. #chiswickrestaurant #shareplates #plated

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#4: Speedo’s Cafe @speedoscafe

Bondi Beach landmark Speedo’s stand out from the crowd because of one key ingredient: colour.
Dish after dish, every photo they take seems to tick each colour of the rainbow.

They also employ a number of techniques to keep followers interested in more than just the pretty pictures, showing previews of upcoming dishes and engaging with fans and bloggers by reposting photos taken at the cafe.

#5: Sake Restaurant & Bar @sakerestaurant

Neil Perry’s high-end contemporary Japanese chain makes its Instagram all about the most important thing of all: food. High-quality, well-lit photography of creative dishes that are spectacular to begin with makes for a drool-worthy IG blog to follow. Simple but effective.

The famous Dragon Egg! #sakerestaurant #japanese #dessert

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#6: Daisy’s Milk Bar @daisysmilkbar

Finally, we’ve selected cute Petersham milk bar Daisy’s. Their posts bring back that childlike spirit, as their consistent pastel hues of blue, pink and purple are combined with traditional milkshake glasses, red-white checks and simple white plates. This matches their old-school milk-bar offerings, therefore creating a distinctive niche to attract followers.

Posts regularly mention offers, events and even restaurant changes, which consequently makes it like a complete restaurant story.

They also sell fashion accessories, which gives Daisy’s good post variety. Often, they collaborate with other names in dining and beauty, as seen with their post about Julie White socks:

That’s our six done and dusted! If you want to learn more about how your restaurant can utilise Instagram, just reach out to us here.