There is a strong shift towards on-demand personal service and instant user gratification in every industry we can think of. Technology pushes civilization forward and challenges traditional ways of thinking.

In the hospitality space, diners are shifting towards a trend where waiting for service is becoming unacceptable and making the overall dining out experience a “we should have stayed in with a pizza” scenario.

With mobile usage on the rise, and the ability to have everything at your fingertips, diners are now demanding more control.

Only a few years ago, we were accustomed to calling for a taxi when we need to get to the airport or across town. We would still be doing that today and probably still complaining about the whole experience if Uber didn’t come along.

Now, the average Uber rider wouldn’t be caught dead in a Taxi. I caught myself just the other day waiting for an Uber to pick me up when there were at least 6 taxis right there in front of me. I never even considered hoping into a taxi.

The Two Fundamental Shifts

The first is the shift towards taking control of when and where you want a service (personalized service on-demand) and secondly, the notion of instant gratification. We don’t want to wait too long (if at all) for anything anymore.

I mean in the world of technology that enables us to buy anything anywhere at a press of a button, why should we wait longer than we have to?

On-Demand Dining, In Venue

With all these technologies that enable on-demand service and instant gratification, we still find it acceptable when dining out to wait for:

  • A menu to be provided
  • To be seated at our table
  • For staff to take your orders
  • To order additional food or drinks
  • For the bill to arrive when you are ready to leave

Is this acceptable…?

Not for much longer!

We are frustrated

Diners are increasingly frustrated waiting. We wait for tables, waiting to get attention to order and wait to pay the bill. When you think about your dining out experience, everything you need from ordering to getting the bill or even an extra napkin, you need the attention of the wait staff. When customers leave the venue unsatisfied, the chances are they will never come back.

What’s worse, for the restaurateurs, customer satisfaction is almost unknown unless the customer registers a negative review on Zomato or Yelp. Many restaurateurs and most have mentioned that it only take 1 unhappy customer to register a bad review on Zomato to affect their 5 star rating.

That doesn’t seem fair…

Let’s Not Do a Half Job Here

The introduction of mobile POS systems where wait staff takes your order on their device that links directly with their ordering system have increased efficiencies to a certain extent. However, restaurants have not addressed the real problem.

They are still plagued with relying on wait staff for any service, big or small.

And do these problems affect sales you think?

Big time!

How often have you considered ordering an extra side of salad or dessert or even buying an another round of beers, and the thought of waving down the wait staff is too much effort.

So you don’t bother…

It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

So how do we solve the in-restaurant mobile POS ordering problem?

Well, we don’t!

We give diners a new dining experience by giving them complete control of what they order, when they order and leave when they want to.


Give the power back to the people!

We flip the Tayble (no pun intended) by giving all the control back to the customer.

From the palm of their hand, they can send their order directly to your kitchen and bar, via your existing POS of course.

By changing the dining experience from a customer perspective, it has a direct affect on all the problems we discussed.

Welcome to the New World

  • Orders can be placed by diners on their own phone
  • Get that extra side on demand
  • Order that dessert on impulse
  • Get up and leave when you want
  • And so much more

Now you may be forgiven to think that a mobile POS ordering system will solve your problem.

But what it doesn’t do is give the control to the most important person in the restaurant… the customer!

And I feel that this distinction is where the trend of dining out is heading.

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