Reinventure Backed “Doshii” Has Just Welcomed Tayble to Their Marketplace.

Tayble is all about bringing personalised, on-demand service to the hospitality industry. Removing the unnecessary waiting associated with ordering food and drinks, collecting menus and making payments.

The application has commenced integration with Doshii who plugin to 4800+ Point of sale systems across Australia. “The move puts Tayble well ahead of any competition” said CEO Phil Tran.

Look, it’s been a long time coming, and the whole restaurant industry needs a shake up. There are plenty of players in the hospitality space, especially in Sydney, but they are all doing it wrong. Tayble app is about to redefine the way you dine.

The Tayble team led by tech community’s household name Phil Tran are sick to death of waiting for their order to be taken & their food to be delivered when dining out. The team decided “Screw it, we could fix this problem overnight” says Phil.

Think about it like this, you walk into a restaurant. You sit down. What happens next?

You wait..

Then you get your menu and someone takes your drink order. Then what?

You wait, again..

Then you place your order and wait for you meal (this part actually makes sense). Once you have finished your meal you wait one more time for the bill, yay! I dunno about you, but all this waiting has made me hungry…

Westpac Backed DoshiiHow Does Tayble Work?

Using Tayble’s app, the user simply heads to their favourite restaurant, takes a seat and opens the app, from there they can check the menu, order their favourite meal, split the bill with friends, leave at their own convenience & even post reviews about the meal they ate .

The business instantly reduces wait costs and doesn’t have to worry about splitting bills, balancing the till or incorrect orders ever again.

Tayble’s pilot launch is scheduled for February in Sydney and is giving away free meals to early beta testers. Tayble has already seen an influx of pre-registrations from both users and venues.

The Accomplished Ceo Phil Tran says “We knew we had something special when the team did 1 post on a facebook page and had 200 pre-registered users and 35 restaurants including 2 large franchises overnight” The team have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community and investors!