The fit out of your restaurant is equally as important as the heart-warming food you sell. From the sidewalk to the washrooms, customers connect with the visual story your restaurant is trying to tell. You don’t want to drive hunger diners away because you look like Macca’s or an outdated BBQ joint, right?

Whether you’re selling the Aussie spirit at Bill’s or the love of caffeine at Gypsy Espresso, create an environment that reflects that core values of your restaurant and attract more customers through your door.

There Are Plenty of Restaurant Fitout Options in Sydney

Restaurant owners new and old can benefit from an interior makeover that’ll attract new diners. While the fitout options are plenty in Sydney, we’ve found that these five concepts stood out the most for cafes and restaurants alike.

Captivate Your Audience With a Theme

Don’t be afraid to get daring when creating the theme for your restaurant. Express your creativity in a way that complements the nature of your food.

Take Norsk Dor in the CBD as an example. Scandinavian cuisine with a purely modern, Nordic themed interior. Playful yet professional, their theme has been recognised nationally for its creativity and delicious Swedish meatballs (sorry Ikea!)

Don’t Forget To Make it Cozy… With WiFi

Mismatched chairs, benches and cushions. These fitouts don’t work for every restaurant (debatable), they certainly work for casual dining spots and cafes.

Give them a space where they can hang out and relax while you serve them up something special. Whether it’s a latte or a home-cooked meal, a welcoming environment will attract new customers and bring back returning ones.

Let Mum Help Design Too

Distressed woods and recycled materials have become a trend for successful cafes and restaurants in Sydney. If your Mum spends her time on Pinterest and Facebook checking out the latest DIY trends, she may be able to build your fitout with you as well!

Can you say… free labour?

Or Cook In Your Open Kitchen

Your Mum is a gorgeous lady and it’s no secret she taught you everything you know! Don’t hide her in the back of a sweaty work space any longer by moving your kitchen to the public eye.

Customers want to know how you make your food. Just seeing it on the menu isn’t appealing to their needs anymore. Welcome them to the gastronomic experience by building an open kitchen in your restaurant for their viewing.

Even a section of the kitchen is okay. We’ve seen successful restaurants with open pasta making stations, pantry stations, sushi stations. Whatever works best for your restaurant to give hunger diners a show while they wait for their meal on a busy Friday night.

Expose the Industrials

You’ll either love or hate the half-finished but functional look for these fitouts in Sydney. Exposed industrial refers to visible inner structures of the restaurant or cafe which generally attracts the younger crowd.

Beams, ducts, wires, you get the idea. Complement with distressed woods, open kitchens and malleable metals and you’ve got yourself the trendiest fitout in Sydney!

Wrapping Up

Don’t scare off hungry diners with an ugly interior design. Customers want their gastronomic journey to begin when they walk through the door. By creating an exceptional fitout in your restaurant, guests will be able to connect with your food and enjoy the experience even more.

Get inspired by these popular restaurant fitouts in Sydney. Create an experience for guests to become apart of when they come to dine at your restaurant. Before you start your renovation, or open up your new restaurant, ask yourself “What story am I trying to tell?”