How will mobile touchless ordering impact your staff? Let’s find out: Being a server is more than solely taking tableside orders. They’re the friendly face of the dining room, the ring-bearer of all things delicious and the reason your restaurant operates day in and out.

Being a server is more than solely taking tableside orders. They’re the friendly face of the dining room, the ring-bearer of all things delicious, and the reason your restaurant operates day in and out.

Keeping your staff and customers happy has traditionally been at odds. Servers either sacrifice early-onset greys from nightly stress. Or sacrifice their pay for extra staff scheduled on busy nights.

Digital menu & mobile touchless ordering is the happy medium between overstressed staff and their managers. With no pen-to-pad order taking, bill splitting, and customer miscommunications, servers can focus on providing the care guests deserve whilst bringing more money into their pockets.

Mobile Touchless Ordering and QR Code Digital Menu Makes Staff Life Easier

On a busy Friday night, your server might miss that empty beer glass amongst frantic evening service. Instead of leaving your customer in a sober abyss, they can order right from their phones and get another beer. Delivered by a happy and cheerful waiter.

There’s less staff on the floor. No unnecessary commotion to add to a busy Friday night. By allowing customers to order directly from their phones, staff can seamlessly provide intuitive care.

Eliminate the tedious process of splitting bills. There’s nothing worse (as a server in my days past) than being slammed on a Saturday and having to allocate a bill seven different ways in seven different values.

No research study needed to prove it. Just ask your servers themselves. Mobile ordering lets the crew divvy up the bill on their own for a less-stressed server and faster turnover times.

Less Stress During Service

Customers don’t want to be served by flustered, overwhelmed staff. The personal touch is lost when a server comes over with her pad and rushes your table through the order.

With more time on their hands, each interaction with guests is more meaningful. Personalities start to show, connections are created, and happy guests are more likely to return.

And your staff will actually enjoy coming to work…

Servers Make More Money

If it’s not the convenience or stress-relieving characteristics of mobile ordering your staff will love, it’s the money they’ll make compared to the olden days.

Our research shows mobile touchless ordering increases the average order size by roughly 28%. Customers are more likely to impulse buy when they don’t have to wait on a server. Higher sales meaning higher tips.

Faster table turnovers allow more hungry diners to be sat throughout the night.

Customers don’t tip on the number of times the server has been to the table, they tip on how good the service was. Regardless of how it gets done.

Front Of House – Back Of House Can Finally Unite

Customers, the kitchen, and your servers dread order errors. It’s more intimidating to tell the kitchen you made a mistake than customers when it’s busy. Eliminate the discomfort between the front of the house and back of the house by letting the customer order for themselves via mobile ordering.

Your staff will love each other. They’ll love the customer and the customers will love them. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

They Can Provide The Service They Want

love ordering

Your staff wants to deliver good service to your guests. It’s why they’re in the industry. They love the food, the money, and the experience of making others happy. But there are times where they’re so busy they can’t do so.

Maybe they can snap a pic of friends celebrating a birthday. Or take a minute to say hi to your regulars who come back for your restaurant’s homey environment. Let your staff create a memorable experience for every guest so they’ll keep coming back for more.

Final Thoughts

Do right by your staff and give the gift of time when using a digital menu and touchless ordering in your restaurant. You’ll make their lives less stressful, put more money in their pockets, and allow them to provide the best customer experiences possible.