Tayble, the first mobile ordering app for casual dining in Sydney, announced its public launch after successful beta testing. The company, which prides themselves on being the better way to order and pay, will team up with local restaurants and cafes to solve a major industry problem. The perpetual waiting game found throughout the restaurant industry.

“Tayble will change the way we do business as we know it. We will move faster and provide much better service” says owner Andrew Zaf of 80 Bar & Cafe, the first casual dining restaurant to deploy the new ordering system.

A Word from the CEO

“We were having a dinner one night waiting for our bill, when we came up with the idea,” CEO Phil Tran explains. “We kept saying, ‘I can’t believe we have to wait to order and pay in 2017’”. It was this concept that started the early development of the Tayble app.

Phil Tran CEO

The company, which is composed of global brand managers, patent holders and entrepreneurs, found their place in the market as a result of integrating their product into the core of every restaurant, the POS system. Their audience, the “hungry humans”, can browse menus, specials, drinks and then order food. This is sent directly to the restaurant’s kitchen – no tablet needed.

With in-app bill splitting, groups of diners can seamlessly pay the bill from their iPhones and leave when they please. This universal feature benefits both diners and restaurant staff.

Tayble’s Pre-Registered Venues

The mobile ordering app has over 140 pre-registered businesses in line for its release. They plan to continue development in Australia until expanding into prospective overseas markets.

To learn more about how Tayble works or to become a registered hungry human, email hello@tayble.co or visit www.tayble.co.