Opening a restaurant or bar ain’t easy, from picking a cool name to picking an affordable shop fitter just about everything has 1000 options, but none of that matters if you don’t get your foundations right from the start. Choosing the right POS for your business is one of the most important choices you can make.

Innovation in restaurant POS systems

These days a point of sales systems does a lot more than take payments. You can now do invoicing, send receipts digitally, track inventory, and the best part you can actually attract new customers straight from your POS.

There are now apps popping up that integrate directly with your POS, so your work flow, well, works! There are Apps that allow for delivery, rewards. Applications like Tayble allow your customers to order & pay from their phone in your restaurant, giving your staff the ability to focus on clearing tables or serving more drinks and providing a better service!

That being said the best POS are cloud based and we recommend the following options.

Kounta POS system for restaurants

Kounta POS system for restaurants

Kounta is a POS system for the new age, they integrate with almost everything and is completely cloud based meaning you can log into see what happening in your store from anywhere.

Apart from all the normal POS features Kounta has clean interface and unbelievably easy set-up, you can also split bills, get business insights and trends and even track your staffs sales performance.

Kounta POS system pricing

One of the best things about Kounta is the pricing structure and easy installation. You can start a trial of Kounta for free which includes up to 10 transactions per day, Obviously 10 transaction won’t be enough so at some point you will have to upgrade to the “Sell” plan which will accommodate most businesses for $50 per month!

H&L POS system for restaurants and bars

HLA POS system for Restaurants and Bars

H&L is a household name and has been delivering integrative point of sale solutions for years, there is not a lot that they can’t do and H&L’s support is second to none. These guys have a solution available for every venue type and work with top tier restaurants and a lot of big name brands and offer helpful restaurants tips on the H& L blog.

H&L’s pricing structure is different to others because they do not require a monthly subscription and for the most part H&L prefers to set you up with the correct solution for your specific venue requirements. If you are looking for a solid solution and an outright purchase of your POS H&L is the way to go.

Impos POS system

Impos POS system

You have probably heard of these guys as 23 of Australia’s top 100 restaurants use Impos. They offer all of the same features as the above but pride themselves in writing custom solutions for your individual business needs and their home grown 24/7 365 day a year support.

The pricing starts at $30 per month and their POS is easy to navigate and comes with all the features you would expect from a world class pos.

Choosing a POS system for your hospitality venue

As with anything in this space your choice is abundant, but if you pick any one of these three POS’s you can’t go wrong. To help you choose the right one we would suggest making sure they all integrate with all of the apps your business will need, especially Tayble! 😉 Good Luck!