How many times have you sat waiting for your server to fix up the bill? Or order another beer before happy hour ends? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of reserving a table for you and your mates on Friday with the touch of a finger.

As mobile apps integrate with restaurants, our long standing relationship with food has become easier and more personalised. Whether you’re trying to order another drink, or searching for the best restaurants in Sydney, here’s the top restaurant apps that’ll make your dining experience better.


Because where you’re eating tonight should be backed by your fellow foodies. The biggest, baddest review app out there, Yelp also sports a ton of useful features that make your dining experience better. Personalised search filters for finding what you’re in the mood for. Local deals, photos and of course… plenty of 5 star reviews.


While home to their own review system, OpenTable thrives by taking the stress out of making reservations. Find a restaurant based on your desired cuisine, choose a date, time, party size then hit book.

Simple as that. All from your phone. You can also invite your mates (if you really want them to come) to the party, add to your personal calendar and cancel if it turns out you don’t really have good mates!


One afternoon a league of extraordinary gentlemen were seated having a pint at their one of their favourite spots. After tirelessly trying to catch their server for another beer, they gave up. Only to wait again to settle their bill, leaving unfulfilled and painfully sober.

If only there were a way to cut out the waiting game, they pondered. A platform where customers are in charge of the dining experience from start to finish, without ever waiting on a server.

Fast forward to the Tayble app. Where the dining experience begins from the convenience of your smartphone. No longer do you have to wait on a server to order a pint, hear the specials or fix the bill. Gone are the days where you miss out on a good meal because you’re pressed for time.

With Tayble, you can get what you want, when you want it at no extra cost. A little biased here… but we love the Tayble app.


As restaurant people, we strongly feel your couch dining experience is equally as important as coming in. With the growing number of delivery apps in Australia, who will you trust to keep your food safe on the treacherous journey to your door?

For ourselves, Menulog is the best app for food delivery service in Australia. Aside of their massive list of partnerships with local restaurants, they offer great loyalty discounts and freebies. If you’re a frequent 5-star couch diner, you may just find yourself with free food on your plate by using Menulog for your orders.

From finding your next favourite restaurant to ordering directly from your seat, apps have become an integrated part of dining out. Whether we like it or not, we’re always turning to valuable apps to make life easier and more efficient. To make our lives better, we recommend these 4 restaurant apps for a complete, effortless dining experience from start to finish.