The Story of Tayble

The type of service you never knew you needed.
The experience that customers and venue owners can't live without.
Let’s go on a small journey together, it’s one you will regretfully be far too familiar with. Imagine walking into a restaurant or bar. You sit down and take a seat.

Now, what happens next?

You wait…
Then you order your meal but you want another drink…

And you wait some more…

Finally, your meal is done, you are looking to fix up your bill and make a move.

But no, you wait again…

But what if you could stop in at your favourite restaurant or bar, take a seat and open up the Tayble app? You can view the menu, specials, drinks order your favourite meal, split the bill, and leave at your convenience.
The Tayble team (below) wants to redefine the whole going-out experience.

We can't wait for you to join us. Download Tayble and get ordering.